“Good morning, guys! Its 6:00am and the first day of ten.” My feet hit the floor with a thud. What? So soon? My mind raced, trying to think of all the things that I undoubtedly forgot to pack. Only two morning classes and then our journey to California would start. Classes slowed to a crawl, I anticipated each passing moment. Finally we all got on the buses just to find that something was wrong with Jill, (the girls’ bus). Satan was beginning to work, but faith prevailed and we quickly got the bus working and hit the road for the first leg of our tour.

From concert to concert we traveled, performing every night. First concert nerves began to ware off and the butterflies that used to fly began to fly in formation. All was going well, each concert was warmly accepted, but Satan began to work again when the girl’s bus and the stage trailer broke down, leaving them stranded on the side of the road. Panic crept in, hours past; worry about the concert, which was only in an hour away, began to build. Students lined the fellowship hall, praying for God’s will to be carried out. God stepped in, and using the guys’ bus, the girls made it to church we were performing at. God provided a man that was willing to tow the stage trailer to the concert. Our prayers were answered.

God blessed tremendously. Many people wanted to get to know Christ on a deeper level because of our concerts. The people weren’t the only ones that were blessed though; being able to minister to other peoples’ need gave each of us a sense of fulfillment. Seeing the joy it brought to others’ faces made it all worth it.

Marcus D.
Grade 12

California Tour Photos:

California Tour Vlog:

California Tour 2016 was a huge success and many people were blessed! To show you just how amazing ‘Cali’ Tour was, several students took on the challenge of vlogging it, so here’s the Fountainview Cali Tour 2016 Vlog:

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