Good morning!…it was the usual wake-up call at the same time of 5:50 am until we heard over the speakers… “Today is the day we have all been looking forward too, Its Cali tour!” Lets go! The dorm went from a quiet somewhat peaceful place to a total uproar of preparing for the day and getting ready for the two school periods before departure. Quickly climbing out of bed I started to restart my mind to remember everything I had forgotten to pack. After our half-day of school, we yearned get on the road. We all ran for our designated buses and support vans, and were off.

Our first stop was Everett, Washington. Everybody was in there concert uniform ready to praise the Lord. With concert #1 down we packed up stage crew, and went to bed. We traveled to new destinations every day and performed our concerts at night. Several of these days we spent in Bend, Oregon. Our first day there we spent our evening going out in the chilly night to the communities to carol and advertise our concerts. Satan kept working on stopping us by making the guys bus continually break down, but even a fussy bus couldn’t keep us from being where the Lord wanted us. A highlight of the week was visiting the Cascades Church. Fountainview performed the Sabbath service. And then the sweet, caring members cooked us an elaborate Italian feast afterwards.

Half way through the tour, the staff decided it was time for a much needed break of travel and performing everyday. They loaded us up and took us to a trampoline park for the day. After hours of bouncing and fun we went on a short trip to Walmart, which fulfilled us of all our wants and needs. A couple days later, after we had entered the beautiful state of California, we took a trip to Carmel by Sea. This was a great place to visit, from rocky shores to the salty sea air, it was a great day!

God really blessed this tour. We were able to reach a lot of people and bless them with not only our music but with a deeper spiritual blessing. It was a great experience and bonding time between all the students. It was so rewarding to see all the smiles that we brought to peoples faces.

Sienna Mazone, Grade 10 and Alexander Stirewalt, Grade 10