What happens to this flyer when it is no longer in my possession? Whether nonchalantly screened or deeply considered, this is the question that comes to my mind as well as many of my fellow students as we meander through the malls or brave the rushing crowds in the train stations doing outreach. Smile, greet, hand it out, smile, greet, hand it out… Am I making an impact in anyone’s life at this moment?

Distributing flyer invitations in the mall, I spotted my partner offering a tall, bleach blond teenager one of her flyers. He acknowledged her and politely refused the flyer. He started heading towards me, so I decided I was going give him one too. Again he politely refused my invite. Man! He had two chances, Lord, I thought. I sent up a prayer for him and I kept going: smile, greet, hand it out, smile, greet, hand it out. After an hour or so, I was out of flyers. Wandering around to check on my co-workers, I spotted him again; this time, coupled in one hand with a beverage from Starbucks, I spied a flyer.

Our mission in the city of Calgary encompassed sharing our music with the It Is Written ministries as they hosted the Discoveries in Revelation series by Pastor Chris Holland. The series was advertised in the flyers we handed out.

On one night during the series, I purposefully scanned the attending crowd. I sent a silent prayer asking the Lord to remember those who received the flyers. Toward the end of the session, I spotted a bleach blond teenage male. He looked familiar. I darted to a spot parallel to where he was headed – the exit. It was him – the same bloke I encountered in the mall. I was surprised, let alone ecstatic that he attended even one meeting. The seed of God’s Word had been planted.

So what happens to the flyers as soon as their no longer in my possession? Honestly, I can never really know. But no matter what happens, I have to trust God because He knows, and He is on the move. As long as I am willing to do my part, God will do the rest. Maybe at the end of the day, I have made an impact in just one person’s life, like a bleach blonde teenager in Calgary.

Jodi M.
Grade 12