Bond: (verb) to hold together or cohere, as bricks in a wall or particles in a mass.

Throw a bunch of bricks together and what do you get? Not much more than a pile of bricks, eh?

By the end of the second week of classes, it was time for bonding weekend. As the girls dorm was being dressed up with feminine frills, the guys prepped for a more manly off-campus camping excursion.

Various “just for fun” activities were arranged such as canoeing, camp cookery, a sleep over, and a wacky fashion show. (We’ll let you guess which happened where.)

Richard and Jenny Lovemore, our worship leaders from South Africa, taught us the importance of a full surrender. We learned that a lack of it can affect our relationship not only with our Father in heaven, but our “siblings” in Christ, and more specifically our future spouse. As Mrs. Lovemore shared of God’s faithfulness to her, I was inspired to trust God more fully and follow His leading, though the path may seem strange and difficult to me.

Now, there are new friends, new thoughts to consider, and a new feel in the dorm. The bond is building up. As we draw closer to God, surrendering to Him and putting others first, we’ll draw closer to each other, and our pile of bricks will become a strong, well-bonded wall.

Brianna W.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Grade 12


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