Girls’ Bonding

Fountainview Campus

I stood apprehensively at the top of the hill overlooking a large piece of plastic, rudely secured to the dusty ground: the slip-and-slide. A few brave girls before me had already taken the leap and splashed into the water below. I was not so afraid of the slide, as I was of the frigid pond awaiting all those who made it to the bottom. Oh well, I shrugged, half-freezing is part of the adventure. I grabbed my friend’s arm and sprang into the air like an uncoiled slinky. A moment later and we plunged gracelessly into the freezing water. Bonding weekend had begun!

Later that night, arrayed in PJ’s and wrapped in blankets, I joined the rest of the girls in the orchard for worship. The stars whispered quiet melodies of praise as we listened to our dean speak on the topic of friendship. As we gazed at the glimmering ornaments above our heads, we contemplated not only our earthly relationships with each other, but the most crucial relationship of all: our intimacy with Christ.

Between inspiring testimonies, practical suggestions, hot drinks, exciting games, peaceful reflection times, and many personal conversations, bonding weekend laid the vital foundation upon which the rest of our year would be built. As I grew closer to each girl, I realized that the friendships I was building would not only last my entire life, but for eternity. All too soon, bonding weekend drew to a close. As I prepared myself for the coming weeks, I was strengthened with a renewed devotion and harmony with God—the best Friend I could ever have.

Kristi J.

Grade 12

Guys’ Bonding

Moon Lakes, BC

We set off after lunch with thoughts of a tranquil lake, and cheery fireside conversations. We hiked to Moon Lake, a retreat for the Bridge River Indian Band. We pitched our tents around the lake. Most of the guys quickly started making food, a reoccurring theme throughout the weekend. For worship that evening, we gathered around the campfire to bring in the Sabbath.

The next morning, after we received an encouraging sermon by Mr. James, a few young men set off to summit a distant peak. Others stayed behind and relaxed by the lake. Those who went on the hike were blessed to discover a spring coming straight from the mountain, and a gorgeous view of Seton Lake.

It was a wonderful weekend. We had many stimulating conversations that drew us together in Christ. God definitely blessed the eastern side of campus during this bonding weekend.

Matthew J.

Grade 10