Wake up, eat, music practice, eat, music practice, eat, music practice, sleep—yup, one complete day of Blaylock training. What could be so exciting about this long intense weekend? To some, it’s just a tour: a whole lot of music training, down time with friends, and a few concerts. To others, it’s an opportunity to grow in so many ways. But any way you look at it, there is one thing that is unique about the work we do on tour—the mission. Why do we put in so much time and energy into training? Why does Dr. Blaylock travel so many hours away just to make a few high-schoolers hold their jaws open like guppy fish and sing, yoh-oh, yoh-oh…? There’s something different about this experience, and everyone who has participated can agree.

When it’s all over and we go home, there is such satisfaction. Knowing that we can better our God-given talents and use them for His glory to reach souls for the kingdom is the most delightful feeling. Even though it’s hard work, even though you feel like your arms, lips, or voice just can’t take it any more, there’s a real motivation to keep going. When we do our concerts, there are people who come who may never have heard the good news of salvation. Just knowing that we can be the means of bringing people to Jesus is so encouraging! And when we return to school we can also be an example and help to those who stayed. So, it’s not just a Mixed chorus tour—it’s a preparation and a mission field.

Johanna M.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Grade 12


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