As we filed into the newly arranged chairs around the piano on Saturday night, some of us began to dread the hours of singing and playing to come. However, as for me and many other, we were grateful as we began to join in with the “yo-ho” warm-ups of the choir. Another Blaylock training session had begun. Dr. Blaylock began by telling and showing us through our own singing how to add another colour of crayon to our voices’ “crayon box”. The point was that we needed to have more than one way to sing musically, and we also needed to learn which kind of song worked best with each colour of sound. As the two tiring yet fun days passed, the rate of improvement was clearly seen in our whole repertoire. Dr. Blaylock provided a professional perspective and a new insight on each song we were singing and playing. It was a very productive training that left us much better prepared for our upcoming concerts. All in all, we owe Dr. Blaylock a huge thanks for being more than willing to teach us how to praise God more effectively in music.

Bailley S.

Grade 10