“Yo-ooh, yo-ooh,” we clasped our jaws with an iron grip, belting out the warm-ups with as much enthusiasm as can be pulled out of eighty tired teenagers at 8:30 in the morning. Dr. Blaylock hovered over the piano, listening intently to our croaking. But in only a few minutes, we went from warbled squawking to a harmonizing choir, ready for the day’s rehearsal.

            After a long morning spent singing and re-singing the first half of the program, we took a breather at the local swimming pool. The exercise and laughter energized us for the rest of the training that day.

            On Friday afternoon, we had a fun time shopping in the local mall until dinnertime. As dusk fell, we prayed in groups of two, praying that the audience might hear, through our music, the love of God. The concert that night at North Cascade Seventh-day Adventist church was our first time to share our music publically this school year; some were nervous, some were excited, but all were ready. Ready to share the gospel in music, ready to play “every note in a state of becoming”, and ready to sing for His glory until our strained vocal chords collapsed.

            Although we were all exhausted, God blessed our first concerts. He gave us the strength and the ability to sing and play even though we were all tired and wanting to go home. It is my prayer that through this school year that no matter how tired or sick we may feel, we will always be able to sing for God’s glory.

Fiona W.

Grade 11

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