It was 6:30 a.m. as my friends and I gathered in the cafeteria for an early breakfast. We ate as quickly as possible so we could begin with our task of setting up the stage for the concert. Time flew and an hour later, we rolled the last instrument carts onto the trailer. We were ready to set up for our biggest Christmas concert of the year at the Abbotsford Pentecostal Assembly (APA)!

Three hours later, I opened the door of the stage truck and made my way into the auditorium to start setting up the stage. Music stands, risers, chairs, and all the microphones and cables had to be put in the right place! We finished setting up just in time as the busses with all the other students arrived! “Everyone on stage! Time for warm-ups!” Johanna’s voice rang through the auditorium. The familiar vocal warm-up, “yo-oh, yo-oh” echoed through the church as all the students prepared their voices for the big concert. At 3:00 p.m., the people started to fill the seats, and we finished last-minute preparations. Exactly one hour later, the auditorium was full, and we began our first concert. Thankfully, some members of the local church prepared a delicious supper that provided us with renewed energy and enthusiasm. With full stomachs, we were ready for our second concert at 7:00 p.m. The second concert was blessed by God like the first one, and we were happy to see how the people were touched by our music! After packing up all the equipment and instruments, we loaded the buses to head back to school.

We were all thankful for God’s blessing that day and for giving us this great opportunity to share the reason for that great Christmas season to over a thousand people that night! Once again, we discovered that by blessing others, we ended up being the most blessed! God is good, and we want to give Him glory—not only for making those two concerts a success, but most importantly for touching people’s hearts and using our music to give them a glimpse of the incredible gift God gave to us—His Son.

-Ephraim S. Grade 12