The statement “Agriculture is the ABC of industrial education” (2MR 74) is very familiar to many educators in Adventist schools. At Fountainview Academy we are taking this concept to heart by expanding our agriculture program to include 10,000 square-feet of unheated greenhouses. Our desire is to grow more of our own food for use in our cafeteria, and we are also planning to sell a wider variety of produce on the retail market.

In April of last year, a group of our staff traveled to northern Alberta to disassemble 32,000 square-feet of used greenhouses for our farm. The current 10,000 square-feet we are putting up now is just the beginning. This year we will also grow a variety of crops in the field just behind our school building.

Please check our website from time-to-time for updates on our progress toward making the agriculture program a more prominent part of our school.

Scott Richards