Academic Excellence

Building Character with uplifting, educational mentors.

One essential element of our institution is to supply the finest education possible. Our purpose behind this is to place tools in the hands of students-tools that will prepare them to face the world with an attitude of awareness and intelligence.

Fountainview is a training ground for a wide range of workers in God’s cause.  Students may go from here to a university, a trades program, or directly into the workforce as a Bible worker or a mechanic.  Our academic program has to meet the needs and requirements of students called by God to any of these paths.

The Lord has blessed us with Godly teachers having extensive knowledge in their subject area, who are willing to go the extra mile to help students succeed. Whether they’re called to be an engineer or a missionary, a pastor, a vegan chef, or a doctor, it’s thrilling to work with fantastic young people who sincerely desire to serve the Lord.