Academic Excellence

A school exists to teach. Knowledgeable instructors who can effectively convey information and inspire students are necessary to achieve this goal and thus instill useful abilities in their pupils. Fountainview has strived for excellence in this regard by searching out teachers who meet these qualifications, but who are also intimately connected with Christ. This strategy has proved fruitful in providing a top-notch scholastic program. In addition to this, mentors and supervisors with experience in countless fields are available, and they seek out opportunities to teach and guide the students. Instead of facing a bleak future unprepared, graduates of Fountainview are equipped with skills that will carry them in whatever direction God leads. I plan on studying computer science at Southern Adventist University, and I know that I have been prepared to face the challenges that will arise from this endeavour, whether they are issues of time management, critical thinking, or teamwork. I can recommend the program because my experience has shown me that Fountainview is dedicated to providing excellent education and will continue preparing its students for success.

Matthew J.

Class of 2018

There are few places on earth where programs like the one implemented at Fountainview Academy can be found. The Biblically oriented academics and practical work education combine to educate each student, preparing them for their future life work.
I had the privilege of attending Fountainview Academy for three years. During this time, I saw the teachers’ constant dedication to incorporating Biblical truths into their respective key concepts. Consequently, my understanding of God’s character was able to develop with each new concept presented.
I also had the opportunity to work in various departments, including farm and media. Each day at the farm established and enlarged my understanding of practical work. The perseverance here cultivated has been a great blessing to me in my pursuit of a health science degree at Weimar College. Collaborating with others in the media department in the production of inspirational music provided professional experience with mainstream media production software as well as a technical knowledge base of common production practices,
With the daily routine, students will find time to relax and participate in extracurricular activities. This portion of time provides numerous opportunities of exploring the beautiful mountains that surround the school, connecting with similarly minded peers, and growing closer to Christ. Of these opportunities, the most lasting in impact is the time dedicated to a closer walk with Christ. The focus and encouragement here provided, enabled me to develop a meaningful personal devotional life. I am grateful to the staff at Fountainview Academy for allowing themselves to be bearers of this education—an impactful lifelong gift!

Elijah H.

Class of 2017

I praise the Lord for the education I received at Fountainview Academy. The teachers’ godly mentoring helped plant my faith firmly in God, and their excellent teaching encouraged me to pursue academic excellence.

As I approached graduation, I realized that God appeared to be opening the door for me to attend one of the most prestigious universities in America, such as Princeton, Harvard, or Dartmouth College. In counseling with my parents and the staff of Fountainview Academy, I decided to spend a year getting intensive spiritual training before placing myself in a secular environment. I attended ARISE last fall, during which time I also prayed intensely about whether God was leading me to go be a light on a secular college campus. I decided to ask God for one specific sign if I was to attend a secular school. After seeing exactly the sign I asked for, I know that God has led me to attend Dartmouth College, where I am now enrolled.

In attending Dartmouth College, my goal is to use every opportunity I have to spread the good news of Jesus’ love and His soon return. As I witness in this secular university, and as I prepare for my lifework, I would covet your prayers for success in fulfilling the gospel commission.

Matthew W.

Class of 2012

My experience at Fountainview Academy was life changing, and it equipped me for college and for life. The academic program prepared me through relevant coursework and academic challenge. I appreciate the teachers’ effort in guiding me through my high school years and helping me grow intellectually and spiritually. Because of the program at Fountainview, I had to learn how to prioritize my time — which is imperative for my college schedule. As a student at Southern Adventist University, I am pursuing a double major in violin performance and nursing, and taking pre-med courses on the side.

But the academic program is just one of the many aspects of Fountainview that I value.
The school provides a Christian atmosphere free of distractions, binding students and staff alike together in seeking to portray God’s character of love to the world. My experience at Fountainview provided me with perspective and helped me find purpose in life. I would not trade my years at Fountainview for anything in the world because no amount of money could pay for my experience there.

To each student, teacher, and staff member of Fountainview Academy: Thank you for allowing God to work through you to change my life for now and for eternity. Keep the faith, we are almost home.

Melissa G.

Class of 2012

My experience at Fountainview Academy adequately prepared me for life after high school. After graduating in 2010, I went on to study at Walla Walla University. The well-rounded education of Fountainview Academy with its academic strength, music opportunities, practical training, and strong spiritual emphasis equipped me for a very active life on campus. I served as the student body’s Spiritual VP and then as a religion editor for The Collegian, all the while participating in music ensembles and helping lead an on-campus Sabbath School group. I graduate in August 2014 with a BA in Theology, along with an AS in Business and minor in Biblical Languages. I am grateful for my training at Fountainview Academy that prepared me so well for the various aspects of work and life in College and beyond. Fountainview Academy has an exceptional program, and I wouldn’t trade my time at Fountainview Academy for anything!

Rob F.

Class of 2010

As a student at Andrews University, I am very grateful for my previous training at Fountainview Academy. My Fountainview experience developed me in many ways, helping to lay a strong foundation that has allowed me to flourish in my current university setting.

The academic training I received while attending Fountainview was an excellent preparation for college level classes. The teachers in the accredited academic program blended the practical, spiritual, and theoretical in their instruction, proving a real blessing to me.

I am also especially grateful for the musical training I received at Fountainview Academy in the orchestra and as a music arranger in the Music Office. As I pursue a degree in Music here at Andrews University, my studies here have been greatly enriched by my previous training and experience at Fountainview Academy! It has aided me especially in classes such as Orchestration, Music Technology Lab, and Composition Seminar.

Socially, Fountainview helped me to further develop the ability to meet and interact with new people, remembering to let Jesus use me to reach others.

But above all, the most important part of my Fountainview experience was that I gained a more personal friendship with Jesus. I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! Becoming grounded in Christ, and having made a firm decision for Him, I have been able to now continue growing closer to Jesus and leading others to do the same. God has given me incredible opportunities to make a difference for Him on this campus. I have been quite active in some prayer ministries on campus, among other things. And I have met so many on-fire Christians whom God is using. Let me tell you–I have really seen God at work here. Things are happening! I really believe Jesus is coming soon!

I praise God for leading me to Fountainview. Thank you all for allowing Him to use you to make a BIG difference in my life!

Jonathan S.

Class of 2010

The accredited program at Fountainview Academy had an effect on my life before I even attended the school. The accreditation of Fountainview was one of the reasons that drew me to attend Fountainview. Without the accreditation I potentially would have missed out on my wonderful experience at Fountainview.

The mix of academic challenge and social atmosphere at Fountainview provided me with the opportunity to develop the skills that have benefited me in college. Because the program provided academic rigor, I had to learn how to balance my school and social life.

At Southern Adventist University, I study International Business, as well as being in the Honors program. My academic studies have been very rigorous and challenging since I have arrived. However, with the skills learned at Fountainview I have been able to successfully tackle my schoolwork and maintain a healthy social life. This balance has provided me the ability to become elected as the Executive Vice-President of the student body, which puts me in a place of influence over the 3,000 students at SAU.

I’m forever grateful for the opportunities and lessons that I received at Fountainview. More than providing me academic skills, I learned how to have a Christ-like and servant attitude, which has caused me to want to serve in the mission field after I graduate.

Jeremy G.

Class of 2010

I am attending Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy. I chose to attend Loma Linda because of its mission statement: Seeking to further the healing and teaching ministry of Jesus Christ to make man whole. I believe that I am called to be a pharmacist. I want to reach out to those who do not have access to medications. And I want to spread the gospel for those who have not heard about Jesus.

I am very glad that I went to Fountainview Academy. I felt that courses that Fountainview provided helped me to prepare for pharmacy school. Especially, I found chemistry and mathematics very helpful.

Bomi K

Class of 2008

Fountainview is a training ground for a wide range of workers in God’s cause.  Students may go from here to a university, a trades program, or directly into the work force as a Bible worker or a mechanic.  Our academic program has to meet the needs and requirements of students called by God to any of these paths.

As part of our certification process, we receive a bi-annual inspection from the Office of the Inspector of Independent Schools (Ministry of Education – BC Government).  A team of two experienced administrators or district superintendents spends two days poring over our files and records, course outlines, and policies.  They also sit in classes, eat in our cafeteria, meet with administrators, and talk with students.  I’ve been through eight of these inspections in my time here, and the team has always returned a very strong report on our academic program.  But it’s their comments on the atmosphere at Fountainview that thrill my soul.  They are consistently impressed with the openness of our students and the sense of comfort, security and family that is clearly evidenced here by students and staff.  And they express their appreciation for our clear adherence, in everything we do, to our mission of leading the students to Christ and training them for His service.  All I can say is – praise the Lord!

As we continually seek to implement the Lord’s directions in the book Education, we’ve been blessed with positive results.  Our scores on government exams have been significantly above the average for students across British Columbia (which has one of the highest-rated educational systems in Canada and even worldwide), and the percentile of our average score on the ACT test (for college-bound American students) has been 20 points above average.  One thing we have found works well is to have many of our courses “semestered”, which means whole courses are completed in the first half of the year, and then other whole courses are completed in the second half.  This gives the students fewer courses to focus on at once, and fewer courses to have assignments for on a given evening.  And the Lord has blessed us with Godly teachers having extensive knowledge in their subject area, who are willing to go the extra mile to help students succeed.

Whether they’re called to be an engineer or a missionary, a pastor, a vegan chef, or a doctor, it’s thrilling to work with fantastic young people who sincerely desire to serve the Lord.

Baird Corrigan