About Us


To reveal to our students that Jesus is relevant and attractive, and through them demonstrate it to the world


Fountainview Academy exists to train earnest young people to be men and women of character, active in service and leadership, taking the gospel to the world.

What is Fountainview?

Fountainview Academy is a unique, non-profit educational institution in southern British Columbia, Canada which holds Province of BC Ministry of Education accreditation. Students from all over the world are attracted to Fountainview because of its balanced approach to education. Each staff member is personally committed to the eternal success of every student, and together they strive for the highest standards in every respect.

What Makes Fountainview Unique?

We embrace a unique educational philosophy based on principles found in the Bible and in the book Education by E.G. White. These guidelines call for the incorporation of practical training into our education. We do this through our Career and Technical Development Program, a program that gives students opportunities to develop a wide range of practical skills in our various industries. Fountainview Academy’s rural setting provides a safe, quiet environment to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. Our cafeteria serves healthful vegan meals that further help to nurture our minds and bodies. Fountainview attracts students from a wide variety of cultures, creating an international community of Christians with varied backgrounds and experiences. This unique cultural mosaic helps prepare students to carry forward God’s plan wherever He may lead.

What About the Music?

While we put a significant emphasis on our music program, but it is not our primary reason for existence. Our music serves the sole purpose of spreading the good news of Christ’s soon coming to those who need to hear it. God has blessed our endeavours in this mission, giving us the privilege of sharing positive, uplifting, Christ-centered music in venues along the west coast and worldwide through our DVD productions.