Feels like coming back home in a way. Twice a year, for Christmas and spring, and it isn’t long before our concerts at Abbotsford Pentecostal Assembly begins to feel like home. Faces start to become familiar, acquaintances become friends, and the place becomes as well known as your dorm room back up at school. Yet, it never ceases to prove to be teeming with every surprise imaginable. New faces appear, and it is always a fresh pleasure and joy to witness the smiles ripple on, and lives be blessed and changed. Concerts are not the only place where people can be touched, however. Every knock on someone’s door the day before, each GLOW given to a person on a street, and every single conversation with a casual passer-by or somebody who simply needs a listening ear have a far greater and lasting impact than we can imagine. A smile, a handshake, a prayer, a friend-to-friend talk with someone we have never even met: these are the means by which a life may be changed.

Grace W.
Grade 12