“PLEASE DO NOT PACK FOOD UNTIL 6 P.M.,” shouted one of the signs hanging off the doors. Inside, another yelled, “TAKE ONLY 3 PACKETS OF PEANUT BUTTER, JAM, OR HONEY.”

It was only 5:50 P.M. and all the students were already in line to go into the cafe. Though the word had spread and the reviews from the cafe girls were good, it wasn’t the carob, orange muffins for supper that had everyone coming down to the school building a few minutes early. We were all in line for . . . camping food.

That’s right: we were going camping. However, this was no ordinary campout.

Fountainview Campout noun[foun-tn-vyoo-kampout]

  • an occasion on which a group from Fountainview Academy pack up their tents, sleeping bags, and food to Wells Gray Park for the weekend. The group is split into two. The smaller one consists of crazy canoers who venture farther down the river to a beach while the larger one would stay at the base camp. The weather would be great for swimming in the river, playing volleyball, cooking by the fire, and having worship outside. Until of course, the last morning when it would rain. Each group experiences the great outdoors while sharing lots of laughs, finger-licking food (and not just because some forgot to bring utensils), and unforgettable memories.

We poked our heads through the door to see signs guarding boxes and boxes of fruit, a bucket of pancake mix, granola, instant rice, noodles, granola bars, loaves of bread, milk boxes, you name it. We waited forever (believe me, when there’s food involved, 5 minutes can seem like an eternity) and finally the bell went: DING! In just one moment, the cafe turned into a bustling barter’s market. Apples! I should get apples for crisp. Oh, we’ll need granola for that too.WHERE ARE THE ZIPLOC BAGS? Confused by all the excitement, I looked around to see my group of girlies setting down their contributions to a pile of edibles. Finally, I grabbed six apples and headed their way, dodging eager packers. After all the hustle came to a calm end, I sat down to enjoy some carob, orange muffins. The cafe girls were right: they were very yummy.

Tristha C.
Grade 11

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