2020 Christmas Tour


There are a few things in the year that students look forward to more than Christmas tour. Every year at Christmas time, we pack up, head South down the west coast, and drop in at venues every evening, spreading the Christmas spirit all along the wary. There is nothing we want more than to continue doing these exciting tour for years to come. For us, although we thoroughly enjoy every moment, Christ Tour is not purely leisure and fun– it is a witnessing opportunity. Of course, these large-scale endeavors are not always cheap and every kilometer we travel is cost-calculated. But, it is worth every penny to be able to carry with us the glad tidings of the Savior’s birth and the blessed hope: that He lives today.

Travel 4000 km’s

+ $20,000


Bus #1

Bus #2

Support #1

Support #2

Stage Truck

Fuel Economy












Total: $18120

Food Costs 90+ Students & Staff


Ammenities Shower, Laundry etc.